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Rainbow Counseling Center, Inc.

A place of hope, an affirmation of diversity.

A Place Of Hope, An Affirmation Of Diversity

Rainbow Counseling Center is a small, private, nonprofit agency offering mental health counseling, psychological assessment and psychological consultation services in our office.  We offer our services to individuals and groups and organizations public and private.

We also offer online consultation services.  By offering this service online we are able to offer our services to a larger segment of the population in a cost effective discreet manner.  Our online consultation services can be utilized without regards to distance and largely without regard to scheduling.  Consultation questions can be submitted without regard to the time of day or day of the week.  This is all the behavioral healthcare many people need.  They just want to ask a professional about something.  You can choose to ask a simple question or to request detailed advice on a complex issue. 

Our services are very private.  Usernames and passwords are required.  You can login from anywhere.  No one else has to know.

We are available to advise people with questions about issues such as depression, anxiety or panic, relationships, divorce, mental health, parenting, getting along at work, substance abuse, domestic violence, gambling, self-esteem, attention deficit disorder and many others.  We may well be able to resolve the question for you in a straightforward manner.  Another advantage is that not having to actually face someone, many people feel freer to ask what’s really on their minds.

We do not provide actual online therapy or online counseling.  For persons needing more assistance than can be effectively provided via online consultation we still recommend face to face therapy with a qualified mental health professional. 

Online behavioral health consultation services are not for everyone.  Some situations and conditions do require face to face assessment and treatment.  We reserve the right not to provide online consultation services in situations we deem inappropriate.

We are located in downtown East Liverpool, Ohio at 414 E. Fifth Street where we see clients by appointment only.  Our mailing address is P.O.Box 41 East Liverpool, OH 43920. You can reach us by phone at (330) 386-3844 and by email at info@rainbowcounselingcenter.com.


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Rainbow Counseling Center Inc.
414 E. Fifth Street, E. Liverpool, Ohio 43920
Phone: 330-386-3844 | Email: info@rainbowcounselingcenter.com