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Are you severely depressed?
Are you under the care of a mental health professional?
Do you ever have thoughts of harming yourself or anyone else?
Have you ever attempted suicide?
Have you ever been told that you have a psychotic disorder?
Have you ever had inpatient mental health treatment?
Do you have mood swings?
Have you ever heard voices?

There are important differences between e-mail consultation and traditional therapy. It must be understood that we (Rainbow Counseling Center) will be providing focused advice based on our training and experience. We are not providing direct psychological care. We are not entering into any type of doctor-patient relationship and thus we are not assuming any clinical responsibility. Because we are not establishing a doctor-patient relationship our communications are not privileged. We do consider our communications confidential but they have no formally protected legal status. While we endeavor to keep our communications secure, no online system can offer one hundred percent assurance. To assure your privacy protect your password carefully.

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